Tattoo Regret is on the Rise


Did you know that is 2014 CNN did a survey of 1st time tattooers and found that a staggering 43% of 1st timers were not happy with how their 1st tattoo came out. What is even more shocking is experienced tattooers experience tattoo regret 35% of time as well. What is the main cause for this? Planning! A tattoo is not a one time thing that just disappears if we don’t like it, its a lifetime decision that can have painful and costly removal procedures to get rid of a single bad tattoo. So why would you trust just any artist to be creative on YOUR body without showing them exactly what you want? We have gathered some of the best designs and sketches from some of the best artists in the world so that when you go to get your tattoo your artists knows exactly what YOU want, not what he thinks looks like the idea you described.

Our Mission is to make sure that you get exactly what you want to put on your body.

For the tattoo category we can use the same categories but also add Sleeve Tattoos, Cultural Tattoos and Japanese Tattoos.